Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pregame Post

Figured I'd post a few bangers before I go to sleep. I'll definitely have these songs on repeat on my ipod as I'm warming up. Starting off we have another great song courtesy of Avicii & Sebastien Drums (again):

Avicii & Sebastien Drums : " snus " by sebastiendrums

Next we have a song by Alex Gaudino featuring Kelly Rowland. I'm linking the club mix by Nicky Romero but I'd highly suggest the radio edit as well. I'm glad she's back to doing more EDM because she sounded excellent in "When Love Takes Over"

Alex Gaudino Feat. Kelly Rowland – What A Feeling (Nicky Romero Remix) by gagagil

Now a change of pace with some pretty filthy dubstep. I've seen the names Dodge & Fusko around before but I never checked out their stuff. Boy, do I regret that now. "Minus 1" is a dope track that never gets boring or overly repetitive. For some reason they only have half the song on their soundcloud but this should convince you to get the full track:

Dodge & Fuski by Dodge & Fuski

That's it for now folks, have a bangin' weekend and go Still Reds RFC!

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