Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finals Break

Exam weeks are dreaded by college students, here are a few things that may help you get through those final projects and studying.

So I was able to find some songs this week, DJ Diverse had a huge post on White Folks Get Crunk, here are some originals from Dj Diverse that he had in his mix tape. Make sure to head over to Dj Diverse's soundcloud page to check out what else he has.

Barbra Streisand (Darth & Vader Remix) (DIVERSE "Digital Biebs" EDIT) by thedjdiverse
Sweet Dreams (Boomkin Edit/Diverse S&M Re-Edit) by thedjdiverse
Memories (Risk One & Diverse ReBoot) (final) by thedjdiverse

I also found an Afrojack remix of Where Them Girls At, on the earmilk blog, make sure to check it out, towards the middle of their page.

Also found a song by Dev this week that was really good, when I first listened to it the intro grabbed my attention, make sure to check dancing in The Dark, on the Kick Kick Snare blog.

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