Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Save the World with A Vocal Edit

Here are 3 songs that don't probably go together but they all deserve a post. It is the summer make sure to play these at high volume and rage!

First up from FratJams a great vocal edit of Levels by Avicii, make sure to check out their entire page they have a lot of good remixes and edits to great songs.

Levels (The Boy From Ipanema Vocal Mix) by FratJams

Next up we have some dubset, this is pretty hard stuff, but absolutely love it, Excision & Downlink put out Blue Steel

Excision & Downlink - Blue Steel by Excision

Finally for this post a west cost mix of Save The World Tonight, Sexy Ray Vision from Stanford killed it on this one, make sure to download a copy.

Save The World Tonight (Sex Ray Vision Remix) by sexrayvision

Enjoy and don't forget to follow!!

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