Friday, July 29, 2011

A flood of new music

So last weekend I went to TheKollection and just downloaded basically every mixtape and song on their website. After a week of listening to everything (or at least trying to), here are some gems. I'll probably make several posts as it was a grab bag of college rap, house, and dubstep, and any college DJ can appreciate the utility of these three genres in different situations. First up, the house music.

I was really surprised that this song wasn't posted yet, but I'm kinda glad it wasn't because I wanted the opportunity to share it with you. It's another one from Avicii (OBVIOUSLY), this one with AMAZING vocals. The beat is great but not extraordinary, but the vocals are just incredible. Easily top 5 vocals in a house song ever. Yolanda Selini absolutely kills this track.

Avicii - Enough is Enough by rhapsody1447

Next up is another hit from Martin Solveig. Glad to see this guy isn't just a one hit wonder. The song is pretty chill but its a great way to transition into dance music as the night progresses. Check it:

Martin Solveig - "The Night Out" by vinylandvodka

Here is an interesting track, a remix by Aylen of No Sleep by Wiz Khalifa. A great song in its own right, Aylen adds just the right amount of bass and synth to make this a dancable (danceable?) track.

Wiz Khalifa - No Sleep (Aylen Remix) DL Link In Description by Aylen

Finally, I'm sure everyone has heard "Blessed" by Avicii by now (if not, just get it. Immediately. I'll wait...)

Back? Good. Here's a mashup of Blessed with a song by Nicki Minaj (not my favorite rapper by a long shot, but it works here). Grab it and throw it on and throw the dancefloor for a loop.

Mochi Beats - Blessed Bass (Avicii x Big Boi x Nicki Minaj) by The Kollection

Look for a few more posts in the near future as I discover more music. Until then, keep calm and rage on!

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