Monday, July 18, 2011

Workout Jams

Starting off today we have a mashup by Basic Physics (of Like A G6 N' Stuff fame) entitled Illmerican Dancer. Those well-versed in new EDM will correctly guess that this song is a mashup of Illmerica and Street Dancer by Wolfgang Gartner and Avicii, respectively, and they'd be correct. But, just for good measure, BP adds in some vocals from Sofi and others to tie the track together. I didn't even have to listen to this song before I was downloading it and posting it on here, but it's playing right now and let me tell you, its a guaranteed home run. Bust this bad boy out during the week at the gym and on the weekend on the dance floor (or at your barbeque, whatever). No matter what, its going to enhance whatever you're doing.

Illmerican Dancer (Wolfgang Gartner // Avicii // Sofi) by Basic Physics

Another gem from the Electro Kollection, this number is a remix of The Island by French Prodigy Madeon. The kid is only 17 years old and he is tearing it up, first with his amazing raise your weapon remix (also found on this very blog), and now this. Excellent track, can't wait for more from this promising producer.

Pendulum - The Island (Madeon Remix) by Madeon

I know, I know, this is another mashup involving Skrillex, and even I'm starting to get weary. But this mashup is seamless and well, if the dude is hot then he's hot, not much we can do to change that. If people are going to make banging, upbeat mashups such as this one all involving skrillex, it would be unfair of me to selectively NOT post them just because one of the guys is all over the place, right? Either way, grab this one because its a great listen, and maybe play this guy on rotation with other skrillex mashups over the course of a few nights so as not to beat his work to death too soon.

Flashback Is All I Ask (Steve Mits Mash Up) by The Kollection

Here's an unexpected find by a group that is completely new to me. F.O.O.L., or "Fuck Our Ordinary Lives", really kill this track as it combines traditional house sounds and structures with a dirty electro backing. Definitely a good heavy track to play late in the night. I'll most definitely have my eye out for these guys in the future.

F.O.O.L - Destruction (Original Mix) by FuckOurOrdinaryLives

Last song is a Gabriel and Dresden remix of Promises by Andain. The vocals in this track are extremely well done and this is a song that has a great trance feel to it that makes it perfect for starting off the night, or serving as a transition from chiller party-starting music to higher-energy party-rocking music.

Andain - Promises (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) [Black Hole] by addicted2trance

That's all for now, folks, have a great week and until next time, keep calm and rage on!

All songs found in this post came from Electro Kollection.

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