Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Back from the Dead, pt. 2

EDIT: As of 11:00 AM, 10/5, embedded soundcloud players are having trouble loading and playing properly. Unfortunately, we'll all have to just wait for SC to get everything sorted out before the players on this page will work again. Until then, well, I guess you'll just have to take my word that these songs are dope and collection-worthy!

First up is another dope mash up by up-and-coming mashup artist, 3lau. "Dubsex" is a pretty appropriate name considering how nuts this song gets once it really gets going. One of those dubstep songs that literally puts a smile on your face when you hear the drop. The soundcloud version that I'm embedding is a "short" version but the full download link can be found on the soundcloud page of the song. Enjoy!

Dubsex by 3LAU

Here's a massive dubstep track by Modestep, remixed by Bring the Noize and The Autobots. I've seen the name Modestep floated around before but I never really gave their stuff a solid listen, but I was glad to have stumbled upon this video on the UKF Dubstep facebook page. Unreal drop, crazy music video, solid vocals, good buildup... What are you waiting for? Have a listen and grab a copy and start raging!

Next up is another amazing dubstep song, by Pretty Lights of all people. He's shown flashes of his dubstep prowess on tracks such as his live mix of "The Final Countdown" (highly recommended, by the way), but this song, "I Know the Truth", is one of his first pure dubstep tracks, and its probably my favorite track by him, even if it is a marked departure from his normal style. Have a listen with the youtube clip below and grab the track FO' FREE from his website.

Finally (for now), we have a tune from EDM staple Wolfgang Gartner. This remix by the '96 Bulls creates a catchy, disco-like track that, while not standard EDM, has a Madeon-like vibe where it's just so catchy and unorthodox that you just can't help but dance along. Follow the link on the soundcloud player back to the original page for the 320 kbps download link (in case you didn't get the hint, grab this song. Its a must-have).

Wolfgang Gartner - Cognitive Dissonance ('96 Bulls Edit) by '96 Bulls

Enjoy the music. Until the weekend, keep calm and rage on.

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