Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Filthy, filthier, filthier-er, filthiest

For this one I'll focus on some less-well-known artists, some hopefully the fact that most of these songs are old-ish is balanced by them maybe not being as widely played. First up is a personal favorite of mine, the Crizzly remix of "Snap Back Swag". For obvious reasons I love this song and I especially love it because Crizzly managed to take a well below average rap song and turn it into a certifiable head-banger and foot-tapper. It gets a tad repetitive but with some discretion in mixing you should be able to avoid it getting too noticeable.

Another newcomer to the scene is the Dutch producer Addergebroed. I may not be able to pronounce his name but I can pronounce that his track "Adrenalin" is a certified banger. It's funky, catchy, and sure to get you pumped up. Have a listen and be sure to drop this at your next party when you want things to get a little weird:

Now while I'm sure you all know King Kong by Datsik and Bare, you may not know about two outstanding remixes done by Neon Steve and Terravita, respectively. They're both fantastic but I like the feel of Terravita's a bit more. I'll post them both, though, because you guys deserve it.

I'd also have to recommend checking out the beatport page and sampling the other songs from the remix album. There really is something there for everyone.

Last up I want to post the Borgore remix of "Molly" by Cedric Gervais. This song has "rager" written all over it - lyrics, drop, build up, everything is there to just get you so pumped. The original is a solid electro/dutch house track but in keeping with the theme of this post I present to you Borgore's remix:

Expect many more posts in the next few days as I get this blog caught up on my last few months of music. Until next time, keep calm and rage on!

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